Weatherstation II

Weatherstation II, B-Side Festival, 2016

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Image by Simon Lee Dicker


A giant inflatable ball becomes the Weather Station, a mobile pavilion for the collection of images, objects and ideas. An artist-led response to the changing relationship we have with landscape and the paradox of being both in and of the natural world. Cumulative rather than collaborative, the structure passes from one artist to the next, gathering traces of its journey through the beautiful and broken landscapes of South West England, before returning to it’s plinth for exhibition.

Stair/Slide/Space were invited by OSR Project Space to contribute to Weatherstation II. Considering the way that humans have an impact on their environment, S/S/S decided to explore the urban landscape of Portsmouth. An exhibition of works was later shown as part of B-Side Festival

View the publication made by Simon Lee Dicker here

Is it a hailstone?
I’m sick of football and I’m sick of the referendum.
I’ve seen it all.
It’s a football.
It must be about football.
You might pick up children with that.
That’s the new car.
Make sure you use your indicators.
You forgot your ball.
Billy Look! A bubble!
Big balls you girls have got.
Why don’t you get inside it?
You’re rolling a giant snowball.
I won’t ask.
Art, I love all that.
You might squash me!
Two woman drivers.
You should take it to the beach and use it as a volleyball.
Roll it round that tree a couple of times.
I’d put strips of wrapping paper along the lines.
Do you want a lift?