The Will of Another

The will of another cannot fulfil everything. Splendour isn't slick, K6 Gallery, 2016

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For the inaugural exhibition, Stair/Slide/Space investigated the very particular and peculiar set of circumstances that surround K6 Gallery. Through discussions with the creators of K6, the visitors that may experience it and the people that occupy the area around it, research was gathered as a starting point for a continually evolving visual conversation. For the duration of the show an exchange unfolded between Stair/Slide/Space and the K6 audience, as reactions and actions were recorded and documented through a series of residency days by the collective.


you’re being paranoid, you want to lay off the weed
espionage, criminal activity
small rebellion against the establishment
public spaces
as well as being practical, they were also spaces for subversion
icons of the establishment
whatever floats your boat
we thought that rubbing 10p’s against the back wall would make them suddenly work
I’d reverse the charges and call my mum to tell her I wasn’t coming home for dinner
I lived in London in the 80’s when they were ripping these out
those walls could tell a million stories
I spend most of my time looking up
it’s good to talk to someone that’s being nice to us
a mate of mine bought 10 phone boxes and put them in his garden
you just have to keep in your head that you’re not doing anything wrong
I’m always aware that there is a person who owns the car and they may not be able to afford it
I’m not very creative, I don’t have good ideas
anonymous secrets
a library
what if it becomes a game to someone?
you can’t get more local than me
they treat me like I’m invisible
people have been very generous
you’re the artists, you work it out
students are traditionally the ones who change things
they’ll get vandalised, they’ll get smashed
photo opportunity
have the right change available