We will be working with designer Joe Menage to design a new website that both compliments and reflects our collaborative practice and Stair/Slide/Space and his design practice. 

‘Conversation Station’ Publication designed by Studio 3015 to be released in 2019

We are working with Studio 3015  to create a documentation of the 2018 version of Conversation Station at John Hansard Gallery. The publication will contain parts of dialogue had about the gallery and its future. 

Conversation Station is an evolving artwork and a proposal for a new kind of public consultation. It is an invitation to build a space for discussion and exchange information, where all knowledge is valid. The construction site creates a playful space within the institution, placing focus on how conversation can elevate ideas and foster new ways of thinking and learning from each other.

This version of Conversation station took place in February 2018 and was a response to the relocation of the John Hansard Gallery to the city centre. The artwork documented the dialogue that occurred, resulting in a collection of ideas on the future of the gallery.

Stair/Slide/Space appointed as Researchers/Curators for K6 Gallery Des Francis Exhibition

We are happy to announce that we have been appointed as Researchers/Curators for K6 Gallery. We will be archiving the work of the late Des Francis, an activist and amateur photographer who lived in Southampton. Alongside Des’ family, we will collect oral histories, imagery and stories to form an exhibition of his work. 

A South African of Indian heritage, Des Francis was a prominent campaigner against apartheid which led to his imprisonment as a political prisoner before he moved to Zambia to work as a teacher. Eventually settling in Southampton where he worked as a much-loved teacher for many years before his death in 2013. An ardent activist, Des had a strong creative streak, he took thousands of photographs and made annotated collages throughout his lifetime.